Ford Bronco soft top removal is easier than it appears. Learn how to quickly remove your soft top and get back on the road in less than a minute by watching Bill Brown Ford ambassador Sean from Our Bronco Life demonstrate how. 

Bronco Soft Top Step By Step Removal Guide

The soft top of the Ford Bronco is held in place by a handful of clips, channels, and velcro around the perimeter of the roof. You first start in the back, fold the corners up by each tire, and pull the velcro off the side. Next, you will do the same thing on the other side. 

Now you are ready to remove the window panels. Start by releasing the four clips at the rear of the SUV. Next, pull the side window away from the rear window. Pop the bottom out, and do the same thing on the other side. The rear window’s in a channel, where you can easily slide it out. 

Next, come around to the side window again. There are three clips up top, which will unlock the window from the front allowing you to slide it out just like the rear window. Now we get the latches inside the vehicle. Sitting in the driver seat, start with the two latches in the front by pulling straight down on each latch. Next, you will fold the roof back slowly—the roof’s designed so that you can do it yourself easily and quickly. The release in the middle is located on the driver’s side. Pull down, then lift it up, slide it back, push it down, and this will lock in place. Now you are ready to hit the road with the wind

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