Ford has become a global leader in sustainability, and it is now the first automaker that uses 100% recycled ocean plastics for its automotive parts.

The Ford Bronco ​Sport models have wiring harness clips made from ocean-harvested nylon, and the material is 10 % cheaper than petroleum-based parts and requires less energy. These small parts are a significant first step in the company’s plans to make other parts from recycled ocean plastics for other models.

According to Pew Charitable Trusts (a global non-governmental organization), up to 13 million tons of plastic are released into the ocean each year from land. This pollution poses a threat to marine life and shorelines. The fishing industry also contributes to the plastic in the ocean due to the lightweight, buoyancy, and low cost of plastic fishing nets known as “Ghost Gear. This waste produced by fishermen causes 10% of all sea-based waste plastic.

DSM Engineering Materials collects the plastic material from the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea to create jobs. Plastics from the oceans are used to make a variety of consumer goods. However, automotive parts have not been included on this list until now. Ford has already begun to plan additional elements made from recycled ocean plastics. These include transmission brackets, floor side rails, wire shields, and all stationary parts that must meet or exceed the strength and durability requirements of the material.

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